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In 2004 Build a Dream first went to Mexico to complete a shell of a home for a family relocated from the United States. A team of volunteers helped complete the house for Claudia's family. In 2008 we turned our attention to the needs of children at a small middle school located in the state of San Luis Potosi in a very poor community called El Vaquero. Several students at this school need assistance with the basics to remain in school. (For example: school supplies, shoes and food because when they arrive at school hungry they can't concentrate) After graduation they require further assistance to continue on to High School. Without our support these kids would be forced to drop out of school continuing the cycle of poverty.

More recently, after observing the difficult living conditions in El Vaquero and at Emiliano Zapata school, Build a Dream expanded our goals to bring water to the community and school. Thanks to the generous support of the parishioners at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Woodstock, we have been able to fund a water supply system. Additionally due to the generosity of the youth group at Ridgefield Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, Build a Dream has been able to make much needed repairs to students' homes!

Linda2009Mex_-_Copy.jpgYou can support our efforts by clicking on Donate. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Together we can build dreams and provide help and hope to others in their time of need.

Yours in mission,

Linda Baumert - Founder

"To share often and much . . . To know even one life has breathed
easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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