What is “Build a Dream"?

Build a Dream is a small charitable organization enabling children in the small community of El Vaquero, Mexico to receive the necessary education to rise out of the poverty that surrounds them. Build A Dream is unique because 100% of your donation goes to those in need!

After 6th grade, financial restraints and family needs usually mean the end of a child’s education and continuation of the poverty cycle. By stepping in and providing scholarship support for the kids to stay in school, we can break this poverty cycle and have partnered with a very special middle school that is doing just that. It is taught by two outstanding teachers both with doctorate degrees who could teach elsewhere for more money but feel they are “called to teach where the need is the greatest.” And teach they do! With love and discipline, this school has scored #1 in their state in academics for 8 years in a row and for the 2011-2012 school year they were 1st in the entire country of Mexico out of 33,182 schools!

What's New??
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  • Middle School & High School 2018 Graduation photos & a new site for a water tank build!

    High School Middle School Painting

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